Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I finished my last two classes and I think I did pretty well! I hope to get into the Dean list again. We also went to a Posada on Saturday and it was great to be out of the house and be surrounded by loved ones.

For those of you who don’t know what a Posada is: a ritual re-enactment of Mary and Joseph’s search for a lodging in Bethlehem, performed just before Christmas. Although I myself are not a Christian, I love going to things like this because it brings up good memories of my childhood.

This is a beautiful season to feel a sense of gratitude, even if there are times when you are not feeling it. I know that most people are focused on buying and giving gifts, but to me the real gifts are: listening to others, being kind, being there for your loved ones, being appreciated and loved.

Those to me are a million times better than any material gift, although those can be nice for a while, they are not as long lasting as treating someone with kindness.

So in this season don’t put yourself into debt to buy the most expensive gift, or be stressed because of buying stuff that you cannot afford. Instead make something homemade like cookies, sweets or if you knit make them a nice scarf.

And to all the children in your life, teach to love and accept themselves just as they are!

I wish you all a wonderful Holiday and may you have a nice, peaceful, and joyous time with your loved ones!

Happy Holidays!



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