Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We were supposed to go to my cousin’s house for lunch, but my mom has the flu and now we all have symptoms of it. I love this season, but I dislike having to deal with the flu. Luckily we are all taking our herbs, teas and vitamins.

As this month is halfway through, it marks my last week of my Fall semester and then I have a whole month off before Spring semester starts. To say that I am deliriously happy is an understatement.

As my Adult Development class comes to end, I am reminded how important it is to take care of our mental health. The Adult Development book that it is required for this class talks about all the research that has been done on stress.

It has been proven that stress can cause health issues, like high blood pressure and cardiac arrest. As most of us know, a lot of stress can be caused by our minds. Some of us who think too much are always having what I call -thought loops- where we think over and over scenarios in our minds that are never going to happen.

We ALL have negative thoughts, that is a huge given. However whether we choose to entertain them or not is up to us. I know sometimes it is easier said than done, as we have been conditioned to always be realistic and look at all possibilities.

We cannot control whatever happens outside of us, we can only control what’s inside of us. That is why I invite you to pay attention to your mental health and take all the steps necessary to make sure you are healthy.

Take a meditation class, take a nice walk, take a nice hot bath or do something this week that helps calm your mind.

Our mental health matters, and it is our responsibility to ourselves to make sure we do right by us.

Mantra of the week: I honor myself and my mental health.


Liliana Lopez 

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